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About Savina Nichols

“I am a 13 year United States Marine Corps Veteran. However, my passion for hair goes way back to my childhood. I am Aveda Institute trained in different hair cutting and color application techniques. I am also the owner and creator of Porcelain Doll Beauty, LLC. My brand focuses on customized, hand sewn unit (wigs) for women of all walks of life. From cancer survivors, women who suffer from alopecia/traction alopecia or the working woman that wants to change it up a bit. I am also well versed in a multitude of extension installation techniques on all ethnicities.

Allow me to spice up your look, whether it’s a new cut and color or adding some length to your natural hair!!! I am here for your hair needs!”

~ V

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Haircut $77
Hydrating Haircut $100+
Mens Cuts $38+
Women’s Cut and Gloss $107+ (a gloss is complimentary with color services and $40 on its own or $30 with non-chemical services)
Women’s Haircut and Baselift $117+ ($30 with another service $40 on its own)
Women’s Haircut Baselift and Gloss $137+
Haircut and Olaplex $130+
Blowout Baselift Gloss $105+
Curly Cut $100+
Curly Cut and Gloss $130+
Curly Cut and Olaplex $130+
Curly Cut Baselift Gloss $160+

Root Smudge with Gloss or Grey Blending (does not include a cut) $60+
Root Smudge with Gloss or Grey Blending $130+
Root Touch Up $155+
Full Solid Color $165+
Curly Cut and Root Touch Up $185+
Curly Cut and Full Solid Color $195+

Partial Highlighting $165+
Full Highlight $180+
Curly Cut and Partial Highlight $190+
Curly Cut and Full Highlight $215+
Partial Balayage $170+
Full Balayage $187+
Curly Cut and Partial Balayage $195+
Curly Cut and Full Balayage $215+

Root Touch with Partial Highlight $185+
Root Touch and Full Highlight $215+
Curly Cut, Root Touch Up and Partial Highlight $205+
Curly Cut, Root Touch Up and Full Highlight $225+
Root Touch and Partial Balayage $185+
Root Touch and Full Balayage $215+
Curly Cut, Root Touch Up and Partial Balayage $210+
Curly Cut, Root Touch Up and Partial Balayage $225+
Platinum and Tone $215+

Natural Style $65+
Relaxer $93+
Updo $50+
Silk Press $100+

Unit Install $100+
Tape in Extension Install w/ Purchase of Hair $165+
Tape in Extension Install w/out Purchase of Hair $220+

Stand-alone treatments do not include blowouts
Formula 18 Intense (with additive under heat 15-20 min) $30+
Gloss for Ends $40+
Olaplex $30+
Steam Hair Facial Treatment $65+
Baselift $40+
Olaplex and Blowout $65+

Color Corrections – Any color service providing a complete change of artificial color you currently have requires consultation.

Pricing requires consultation.

All after/before hours services +$20