Hair LossI have clients ask me about hair loss from time to time so I thought I would talk about that for a minute.   First and foremost, if you feel you are experiencing excessive hair loss, you need to see a doctor. 

There are many internal issues that can cause hair loss beyond age.  Just to name a few, Thyroid disease, all autoimmune diseases, (i.e. celiac, MS, Hoshimoto’s), hormone changes such as menopause, birth control, hystorectomy, childbirth, etc. can all cause hair loss.  Even the flu, high fever, and times of high stress can cause hair loss.

Medications, anesthesia, iron deficiencies, and vitamin deficiencies (such as vit D, B12, magnesium and others) can all be culprits of hair loss.  That is why is important to see a doctor so you can get to the bottom of the root cause.

Many times your hair stylist is the first to catch that something is off with your hair.  I have sent many a client to their doctors because of hair loss and in turn, their doctors have uncovered an unchecked autoimmune or hormone imbalance.

Supplements are great and there are many geared to fight hair loss and promote healthy hair growth, however vitamin deficiencies are not the only cause and too much of certain vitamins can exacerbate the issue and cause severe damage to your health. 

For instance, prenatal vitamins should not be taken unless you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant, especially for hair loss.  High levels of certain nutrients can do more harmful than helpful.  It seems my sister’s motto of “double the dose and hope for the most!” might not be the route you want to take on this one.

If you are experiencing more than normal hair loss and can tell noticeable thinning, see your doctor.   Ask to have your thyroid and hormone levels checked at minimum!  Stay tuned for more hair related articles, tips, tricks and hair savers


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