Rain by Melodi BlogHaving hair, makeup, beauty troubles?  Don’t “Flip out”  Rain to the rescue with beauty tips, tricks, and our favorite things.

Rain’s blog was started to help give you access to “professional help.”  Sometimes it’s physical, sometimes mental, and some times it’s just down right funny.   Our job as Stylist is to do it all, and we aim to please!  We try to help in times of need and make it easier for our peeps to be able look and feel their best when they have all the time in the world, or even in a pinch. Sometime’s its just cute pix of our fearless leader Lola. Whatever it is you are looking for, hopefully we can help.  Here are some of our tips,  favorite things, and leads on services you  may need that you don’t even know you need yet.

If you have found your own trick for the tip we are leaving, don’t hesitate to tell us about it – we are always open to learning new stuff too!  If you have a question, don’t hesitate to leave it, we will get back to you.  Our tips are not necessarily the end all be all, but they work for us and we are all about sharing.  Happy reading!