Project Description

At Rain we embrace Natural Curl. Curly Hair Cuts are a dry cutting technique that is performed on curly hair in its natural state, cutting curl by curl. We have multiple Curly Cut stylists and each have a different curl specialty. A quick consultation with our client coordinators to make sure we place you with the right stylist for your hair type is recommended. This service includes:  shampoo/cleanse, condition and style.

IMPORTANT: Please arrive with your hair styled Curly and down.  No more than Day 1 or Day 2 hair.  No ponytails, high bun, or brushed out curls 

Melodi Van De Mark
Owner | Stylist | Certified Color Educator

Curly Cut $120+
Deva Certified and Open Curl Concept certified.  “My Curl specialty is from wavy to curly and even you girls who like to occasionally wear your hair straight for a change-up. Fine hair is my speciality but I am well versed in all thicknesses and most textures. I love helping women get the most out of their curls and helping them find the right product for them.” ~ Melodi

Savina Nichols
Lead Stylist | Custom Wig Maker

Curly Cut $100+
Deva Certified. “I do it all! No matter your hair type or texture, I am your girl. I love helping women. So if you – have always been curly, only wear your hair curly, like to wear it straight sometimes, need help transitioning from relaxed hair to your natural curl, need to transition from relaxers to your natural curl, are coloring your hair and need your curl pattern to stay in tact, and even want to wear your hair straight and not ruin your curl…I can help you.”” ~ Savina