The good ol’ box dye at your local drug store seems harmless and the cheaper route but can end up costing you more in the long run. What I learned through this long journey…

First, Never do it all in one sitting. There is a reason for it being split up into multiple sessions. 12 hours of nonstop work on one head is exhausting, not to mention no one wants to sit in your chair that long.

Secondly, Color Removers bring out all secrets that lie in the hair. Your client won’t always think about that one time 2 years ago they put blue in their hair, or don’t realize that no matter how much time has passed – it’s still in their hair. After going through Malibu C’s CPR treatment 2 times under heat for 45 minutes each time to remove the box dye, the remnants of the blue made its appearance. Confused as to why I was seeing green in her hair, she then revealed she put turquoise in a few years ago. This taught me to always DIG DEEPER. I knew she had box dye in her hair, but I didn’t dig deeper than that. I thought to myself “well, whatever’s in there is going to come out anyways with this color remover.” wrong. Be prepared for the unexpected.

After about 3 hrs of removing the color this is what was remaining. My client wanted a rich red on top, with Turquoise underneath. My next step was Balayaging and then doing some slices and weaves at the top and hairline to give the red some dimension. I should have done the Turquoise on our next appointment followed by balayaging first, instead of doing it twice in one sitting. A few hours later…I then did her shadow root and pull through, and did the turquoise in the bowl. I noticed as I was drying it, certain areas the turquoise didn’t take. I should have used a porosity equalizer, and applied the color on dry hair. After 12 hours, this was our final result:

Color Correction

Reason # 342 why I love my job; even when you think you know it all, there’s always that challenge waiting around the corner to keep you on your toes. Everyday is learning experience and no head of hair is the same.

~ Madeline May