Melodi Van De Mark

“Growing up, I was always the kid that had more interest in making something out of a cardboard box than playing with the toy that came in it. I was always the first to cut my dolls hair or “fix” their makeup with a sharpie. My creativity led me to an art focused school that I attended from middle school through high school. One would assume that this would lead me straight into hair school… It actually took me some time to get there. I always knew I wanted to do something that let my creative side shine, but finding what that was didn’t come easy. Life took its usual twists and turns, ups and downs, but it wasn’t until I started assisting Melodi for fun on the weekends that I discovered that you can actually enjoy what you do for a living!

So here I am today, 6 years later, getting to do what I love. I get to use my creativity to make people look and feel beautiful every day, a double win. There’s no greater feeling than when you can make someone genuinely smile. That’s what I get to do here at Rain every day.”

~ Millicent

Haircut $70+
Men’s Cuts $40+
Women’s Cut and Gloss $100+ (a gloss is complimentary with color services and $40 on its own or $30 with non-chemical services)
Women’s Haircut and Baselift $100+ ($30 with another service $40 on its own)
Women’s Haircut Baselift and Gloss $130+
Haircut and Olaplex $100+
Curly Cut $90+
Blowout Baselift Gloss$105+

Men’s Cut and Color Blend $70+
Men’s Cut and Full Color (includes highlighting) $100+
Root Smudge with Gloss or Grey Blending (does not include a cut) $60+
Root Smudge with Gloss or Grey Blending $120+
Root Touch Up $150+
Full Solid Color $160+

Partial Highlighting $150+
Full Highlight $165+
Partial Balayage $160+
Full Balayage $195+

Root Touch with Partial Highlight $180+
Root Touch and Full Highlight $205+
Root Touch and Partial Balayage $195+
Root Touch and Full Balayage $215+
Platinum and Tone $225+

Stand-alone treatments do not include blowouts
Formula 18 Intense (with additive under heat 15-20 min) $30+
Gloss for Ends $40+
Olaplex $30+
Baselift $40+
Olaplex and Blowout $65+

Color Corrections – Any color service providing a complete change of artificial color you currently have requires consultation.

Pricing requires consultation.

All after/before hours services +$20

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