Melodi Van De Mark

“I remember as young as 7 or 8 going with my mom to high-end salons being fascinated watching all of the stylists around me. I started cutting & coloring my barbie’s hair with crayola markers. I would talk my friends into letting me blow-dry their hair and style it. By high school I was coloring and cutting my own hair. All through my life I have had a huge passion for art as well; I started off in middle school going to art summer camps which eventually lead me into Art Portfolio Honors and Advanced Placement courses by the end of high school. I always knew I was meant to be in the art field, so in a way both of my passions are combined: my love of hair and art… your hair is the canvas. There is no greater feeling than getting to use my talents to make someone else feel great about themselves and smile. I trained at Paul Mitchell first and then transferred to a Vidal Sassoon Academy. I came to Rain three months after I graduated to train and assist Melodi, the owner. I have been here now for almost 4 years, and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. This salon is my family. Being a part of Rain isn’t like your regular salon; we are constantly doing continuing education, and not just for the required yearly amount. We are a salon that wants to know everything. We want to know every latest trend & every new technique to further help YOU.  Blondes & men’s cuts have become my specialty. I enjoy doing  everything though!”


Haircut $51+
Hydrating Haircut $77+
Men’s Cuts $33+
Women’s Cut and Gloss $81+ (a gloss is complimentary with color services and $40 on its own or $30 with non-chemical services)
Women’s Haircut and Baselift $91+ ($30 with another service $40 on its own)
Women’s Haircut Baselift and Gloss $111+
Haircut and Olaplex $81+
Blowout Baselift Gloss $105+

Men’s Cut and Color Blend $65+
Men’s Cut and Full Color (includes highlighting) $95+
Root Smudge with Gloss or Grey Blending (does not include a cut) $60+
Root Smudge with Gloss or Grey Blending $110+
Root Touch Up $143+
Full Solid Color $154+

Partial Highlighting $140+
Full Highlight $154+
Partial Balayage $148+
Full Balayage $160+

Root Touch with Partial Highlight $160+
Root Touch and Full Highlight $170+
Root Touch and Partial Balayage $170+
Root Touch and Full Balayage $175+
Platinum and Tone $175+

Stand-alone treatments do not include blowouts
Formula 18 Intense (with additive under heat 15-20 min) $30+
Gloss for Ends $40+
Olaplex $30+
Baselift $40+
Olaplex and Blowout $65+

Color Corrections – Any color service providing a complete change of artificial color you currently have requires consultation.

Pricing requires consultation.

All after/before hours services +$20